Flight 93 News:

The Aftermath

In the hours and days following the crash of Flight 93, the final chapter in the horrible events of 9/11, a story of incredible bravery and heroism emerged. Flight 93 was the only one of the hijacked planes that failed to reach its intended target.  Flight 93 was just 20 minutes from Washington, DC, and had the passengers and crewmembers not taken decisive action, it is likely that the plane would have been used to crash into the U.S. Capitol or the White House causing unimaginable destruction. 

Flight 93 SiteThe “ordinary” people on board Flight 93 were anything but.  They were men and women, mothers, fathers, and children.  They were executives, technicians, students, and retirees.  They were young and old, black and white, Americans and foreign-born visitors.  Yet despite these apparent differences, they all possessed undeniable qualities of the human spirit – courage, bravery, selflessness – that enabled them to join together in an extraordinary way and achieve the first victory in the war on terrorism.