Flight 93 News:

35 Minutes

Flight 93 had just received an urgent and unclear message about the hijacking of other planes when four hijackers subdued crewmembers, stormed the cockpit, incapacitated the two pilots, and took control of the plane. As confused and fearful passengers began making in-flight telephone calls to family members, friends and emergency dispatchers, they quickly learned about the events unfolding at the World Trade Center and at the Pentagon.

Flight 93 CraterFor nearly half of an hour, the passengers and crewmembers discussed their situation and concluded that Flight 93 was being used by the hijackers to inflict harm and destruction in the nation’s capital.  They reached a collective and daring decision to launch a counter-attack against the hijackers. As revealed by the cockpit voice recorder, several passengers and crew carried on a sustained assault against the hijackers for control of the plane.  Minutes later, Flight 93 violently crashed into a vast meadow in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, destroying the plane and instantly killing all aboard.