Flight 93 News:

The Memorial Tomorrow

The Flight 93 National Memorial consists of a series of thoughtfully designed features embedded in the landscape that resonate with healing and understanding of the personalities and events that defined Flight 93. More than a dozen distinct elements will organize the visitor experience, beginning with the Sacred Ground where Flight 93 crashed, and radiating across a mile-wide Field of Honor to include panoramic overlooks, a Visitor Center, memorial tree groves, and the sentinel-like Tower of Voices.

Visitor Center and Educational Programs

Educational programming at the Memorial will guide visitors toward a deeper appreciation of the brave sacrifice of the 40 Heroes. Guided interpretation, exhibitions, conferences, lectures, films, publications, Junior Ranger programs, environmental activities, Internet site content, and many other initiatives will provide a wide range of learning for audiences of all ages and backgrounds, both at the park and in schools, libraries, and computer stations across the country.

Restoring the Landscape

The Memorial will be the centerpiece of a large and expansive 2,220-acre park, one of the newest in the National Park system. Almost 70 percent of this area was a coal mine prior to September 11. The future vision for the park will build upon large-scale reclamation undertaken by mining companies and will include reforestation, pond rehabilitation, and planting of thousands of wildflowers and natural grasses. Through careful planning and management, the park can be its own source of energy and sustainability.

All Americans and freedom-respecting citizens around the world were in some way touched by the events of 9/11. During a day of extraordinary stories, Flight 93 stands out for the simplicity and audacity of its message: stop an unimaginable attack to save innocent lives. Creating a place that not only remembers the 40 Heroes but also inspires ordinary citizens to act in their own heroic ways is what the Flight 93 National Memorial will be about. The Campaign — building, educating, healing — is the means to achieve this important goal.