Flight 93 News:

Tributes and Archives

YOU MADE US BELIEVE IN HEROSVisitors often gripped with emotion by the enormity of what occurred a short distance away have placed personal tributes at a 40-foot long fence erected to hold them. Hats, coats, patches, stickers, written messages, poems, photographs, painted tiles, commemorative medals, and thousands of other items are a solemn expression of heartfelt gratitude to the passengers and crewmembers for heroically taking a stand on 9/11.

Over 30,000 tributes have been collected and carefully archived by National Park Service curators for future exhibition and study. In addition to these materials, the memorial’s archives will contain oral histories that tell the story of that day in the words of family members of the passengers and crew, first responders, and community members who heard the plane roar overhead. The oral histories will also reveal how these people came together to create the Flight 93 National Memorial.