Flight 93 News:

The Ambassadors

September 11, 2008The crash of Flight 93 on September 11, 2001 rocked the small community of Stoneycreek Township, Pennsylvania and its 2,000 close-knit residents. Fortunately a group of forward-thinking residents recognized that the story of Flight 93 had brought history to their doorsteps and assumed a position of local leadership in greeting and offering comfort and welcome to family members, mourners, and well-wishers.

Within days of the crash, this extraordinary network of volunteer Ambassadors began assembling on a daily basis at a temporary memorial overlooking the crash site to offer assistance to the thousands who traveled here to pay their respects to the passengers and crewmembers or to leave a personal tribute or message of hope.

Today Ambassadors are at the memorial every day of the year and have welcomed over one million visitors from all over the world. They have participated in rigorous educational training to become familiar with details of Flight 93 and the passengers and crewmembers to inform visitors about what happened here on 9/11. They also offer an orientation of the entire site and talk about plans for the new memorial and national park that will protect and preserve the sacred ground.